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UnitedUSA is a platform for collecting and sharing information about the efforts made by Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities around the U.S. in the fight against COVID-19. We are grateful and proud of the tremendous contributions made by AAPIs all over the country and want to pay tribute to every person who is combating the pandemic in his or her own way. We are bound by our shared love for America. Together, we will rebuild a better country for all.

Organizing Committee:

★ International Leadership Foundation (ILF)

Community Partners:

★ Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA)

★ Committee of 100 (C100)

★ Daofeng and Angela Foundation

★ Hsu Educational Foundation

★ Harbourview Foundation

★ New York Young Entrepreneurs Roundtable

★ Tzu Chi USA

★ Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of North America (TCCNA)

All Participating Organizations

Major Participating Organizations:
International Leadership Foundation (ILF)
Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA)
Committee of 100 (C100)
Daofeng and Angela Foundation
★ Hsu Educational Foundation
★ Harbourview Foundation
★ Indiaspora
New York Young Entrepreneurs Roundtable
★ SEWA International
Tzu Chi USA
Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of North America (TCCNA)

Participating Alliances:
American Chinese United Care (ACUC) Alliance
Life Preservation Initiative
WeStar Alliance
★ Nailing it for America
★ Global Federation of Chinese Business Women

Participating Organizations:

★ ACMES Wuhan Association
★ ActuaryFellow
★ Alexander’s Steakhouse
★ Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States
★ Alumni of The Affiliated High School of South-China Normal University
★ America Weston Academy
★ American Association of Buddhist Education
★ American Chinese Medical Exchange Society (ACMES)
★ American Compassion Life Association (ACLA)
★ American TCM Society
★ American Teochew Foundation
★ American Wisdom Association
★ Anntremet New York Chinese Community Alliance
★ APAPA-Albany Chapter (APAPA-ALC)
★ APAPA-Austin Texas Chapter (APAPA-ATC)
★ APAPA-Davis Chapter (APAPA-DVC)
★ APAPA-Elk Grove Chapter (APAPA-EGC)
★ APAPA-Fresno Chapter (APAPA-FSC)
★ APAPA-New York Chapter (APAPA-NYC)
★ APAPA-Ohio State Chapter (APAPA-OSC)
★ APAPA-Peninsula Chapter (APAPA-PNC)
★ APAPA-Seattle Washington Chapter (APAPA-SWC)
★ APAPA-Solano County Chapter (APAPA-SOC)
★ Arizona Chinese American Charity Group
★ Artosino-Foryou Capital Business Development
★ Asian American Association of Boston
★ Asian American for Better Community
★ Asian Buddhist Association of NY
★ Asian Focus
★ Astoria Peak
★ BaiLu Group
★ Basking Ridge Chinese American Community
★ Beijing Foreign Studies University North America Alumni Association and BFSU America China Culture Exchange
★ Beijing Institute of Technology Alumni Association of Greater New York
★ Belmont Chinese American Association(BCAA)
★ Belmont Hubei Support Group
★ Blazing Youth Community & Eternal Love Foundation
★ BNU-HKBU United International College American Alumni Association
★ Bodhi Education Foundation
★ Boston C.G. Singing Group
★ Boston Chinese Photography Association (BCPA)
★ Boston Fujian Chamber of Commerce
★ Boston Henan Association
★ Boston Honghu Fellowship
★ Boston Sichuanese Association
★ Boston TB development and Education Foundation for Asian Youth
★ Boston Yunnan Association
★ Boston Zhejiang WeChat Group
★ Bridgewater Chinese American Association
★ BUPT Alumni Association of America New York Branch
★ California Chinese Engineers Association (CCEA)
★ Cambridge Chinese Cultural Center
★ CARE (Chinese Americans Responding to Epidemic)
★ Carlisle Chinese
★ Carolinas Chinese American Civic Center
★ Carolinas Chinese Chamber of Commerce
★ Central California Chinese Cultural Association
★ Central Jersey Chinese American Association (CJCAA)
★ Chang Cheng Chinese School
★ Chelmsford Chinese Language School
★ China Guizhou Province Duyun High School 88 Alumni
★ China Merchants Bank New York Branch
★ China Press
★ Chinese American Association of Charlotte
★ Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL)
★ Chinese American Association of Metropolitan New York
★ Chinese American Association of Newton
★ Chinese American Association of Syosset (CAAS)
★ Chinese American Bio/Pharmaceutical Society (CABS)
★ Chinese American Mobilization and Enrichment (CAMEL)
★ Chinese Americans COVID-19 Relief AZ
★ Chinese Americans from Monmouth County
★ Chinese Angels Army
★ Chinese Christian Group (in Wilton, Weston, Westport)
★ Chinese Coffee Club
★ Chinese Community Center
★ Chinese community of Eastchester tuckahoe & Bronxville
★ Chinese Culture and Community Service Center
★ Chinese employees and families in Boehringer Ingelheim
★ Chinese Friends of Needham (CFN)
★ Chinese News Headliner Company
★ Chinese-American Association of Sudbury (CAAS)
★ Chun Hwai Su and Sandy Su Family
★ Closter Chinese Families
★ Coalition of Asian-American IPA
★ Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Chinese Alumni Association
★ Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) Chinese Community (including professors, staffs, post-docs and visiting scholars)
★ Columbus Chinese Christian Church (CCCC)
★ Columbus Chinese Community (CCC)
★ Columbus Chinese Physicians Association (CCPA)
★ Connecticut Chinese Association
★ Contemporary Chinese School of Arizona
★ COVID-19 Support Team from Changshu China
★ Crab du Jour/Flaming Grill/Hibachi Buffet Restaurant Group
★ Da Tang Szechuan Inc
★ Dalian University of Technology Overseas Alumni Association
★ Danbury Chinese Alliance Church
★ Davis Chinese Christian Church & Living Stone Fellowship
★ Donation Box
★ Dress Up For The Day
★ DrsNeedProtection2
★ Durasein®
★ East/West CoTeam
★ Edgemont Chinese Association
★ Elite Ivy Education
★ Elk Grove Chinese Association (EGCA)
★ Empire Scholars Consulting Group
★ Englewood Cliffs NJ Chinese American Community
★ Enlight Foundation
★ Epic Pharma. LLC
★ Flat World Foundation (FWF)
★ Flower Seeds
★ Frank Dong’s Redfin New York Team
★ Friends of Taiwan
★ Fudan Alumni USA Inc.
★ Fudan Entrepreneur and Executive Club USA
★ Fudan Fuzhong Oversea Foundation
★ Fujian Chinese Community & Magret Lam & Computer Association and Mr Frank Shen
★ Fukien American Association (NJ) Inc.
★ Fuzhou Eternal Life Church
★ Gee Duck Sam Duck Association
★ Gordon & William Gu’s Family
★ Gratus-Cubed Inc and Hook & Reel Restaurant Group
★ Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association (GBCCA)
★ Greater Cleveland Chinese Community
★ Greater Princeton AYLUS(NJ Donation Only)
★ Greensboro Chinese Association
★ Greensboro Chinese School
★ Guild of Aspiring Leaders (GOAL)
★ Guiyang Baizhixiang Orthopaedic Hospital
★ Hacienda Heights Dynasty Lions Club, California Business Foundation
★ Haitou Foundation
★ Harbourview Foundation
★ Heilongjiang University Alumni Association of the United States
★ HF Foods Group
★ HiElites Education Technology Company
★ Hillsborough Chinese American Community
★ Hola China Int’l Travel Service co. LTD
★ Hong Foundation
★ Honor Related LLC
★ Huaxia Chinese School
★ Huaxia Chinese School at Bergen. Including Huaxia Bergen teachers, parents, and alumni, Chinese restaurant/grocery owners.
★ Huaxia Chinese School at Montgomery
★ Huaxia Chinese School at Plainsboro (HXPCS)
★ HuaXia Chinese School Connecticut Branch
★ Huaxia Chinese School of Greater New York
★ Huaxia New York Central Chinese School & Friends
★ Huaxia South Chinese School (HXSCS)
★ Hunterdon County Chinese America Community
★ iBridge Language LLC & iBridge Education Consulting Inc.
★ IGG (I Got Games)
★ ILF US-China Committee, ILF Young Ambassador
★ Indiaspora
★ Institute for Asian Crime and Security
★ InterChange Project by Highschool Student
★ International Leadership Foundation NC Chapter
★ International Wealth Management Association
★ IVY Education Foundation
★ JAD Capital
★ Jericho Community
★ Jersey City Tongyan School
★ Jessica Chan of Scarsdale’s Sotheby’s International Realty
★ Jiao Family LLC.
★ Jinan Sacramento Sister Cities Corporation (JSSCC)
★ Jingsh new York law firm and Asian financial society
★ JL LingHang Inc.
★ Jun Wang & Associates, P. C.
★ Junzi Kitchen “Share a Meal Program” and Local Partners
★ Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA)
★ Lanting Juya Calligraphy Association
★ Larchmont Asian Americans & Friends
★ Lawrenceville School Chinese families
★ Lingzi foundation
★ Livingston Chinese Association
★ Livingston Chinese Communities (including (including Livingston Chinese Association, Livinston Huaxia Chinese School, Living Stone Christian Church, etc.)
★ Long Island Chinese American Association & Center for Chinese Learning at Stony Brook
★ Long Island Community Emergency Service Group
★ Long Island Fencing Center
★ Lower Providence & Worcester Chinese-American Association
★ M.E.I. International Education
★ Magstone Law Firm
★ Massachusetts Shandong Association / Greater Boston Shandong Association
★ Massachusetts Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine (MSTCM)
★ Maywood Dental Associates
★ Meng Chinese Academy
★ MenuSifu Inc & American Chinese Restaurants
★ Metuchen Chinese American Community
★ Million Lives
★ Montgomery Chinesee Community
★ Morris Chinese Academy
★ Mulan Club
★ Myrtle Beach Chinese Business Association
★ Myrtle Beach Chinese Community
★ N95forNYC / Fou Gallery
★ Nanjing University Alumni Association of Greater New York
★ Nankai Alumni Association in New York
★ Nanling Global
★ NC Asian American Coalition
★ New Hyde Park Chinese Association
★ New Legacy Cultural Center
★ NewStar Chinese School
★ NewStein Academy
★ Newton Chinese Language School
★ Newton North High School
★ North America Federation of Tsinghua Alumni Associations
★ North American Alumni of No. 1 Middle School CCNU and Chinese Alumni of UMass
★ North American Chinese Respiratory Association (CALA)
★ North American Hangzhou Association
★ North American News Channel
★ Northeastern University Chinese Alumni Association
★ NY Friends & Families
★ NY LI Port Washington Area Chinese Community
★ NY New Chinese Generation
★ NYC Stay Strong (Chinese American Empowerment & Love Given Group, CAA Volunteer and PCR Association )
★ O Mandarin Restaurant Group
★ OSU Chinese Student Organization Echo
★ Oversea Chines-American Entrepreneur Association
★ Overseas Save the Chinese Children Foundation (OSCCF)
★ Palitex Inc.
★ Parents of UC Davis Students
★ Peking University Alumni Association of Arizona
★ Peking University Guanghua School of Management Alumni Association
★ Peter Chang Stamford Restaurant
★ Phoenix Textile
★ Pico Customhouse Brokerage LLC
★ Pingry Chinese American Families
★ Reid & Wise LLC
★ Rhode Island Chinese-American Anti-COVID-19 Task Force
★ Ridgefield Chinese Community
★ Ridgewood Chinese American Association
★ Roslyn GRACE Inc
★ RTP Chinese American Physician Association
★ Rutgers Chinese Church
★ Rutgers Prep Student Charity Association
★ Scarsdale inSight
★ Sew Mask for Cincy
★ SEWA International
★ Shanghai University of Science and Technology Alumni
★ Sharon Chinese Association (SCA)
★ Silicon Valley Chinese American Computer and Commerce Association
★ Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation
★ Sino American Commerce Association
★ Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association
★ Sophander LLC
★ South China University of Technology Alumni USA
★ Southeast University Alumni Association of Greater New York
★ Southern Westchester Chinese American Community
★ SpiderSmart Learning Center of Westchester
★ Stella Yaxing Zhang Real Estate in Scarsdale, Westchester
★ Summit Chinese American Association
★ SummitPointe Golf Club
★ Sun Yat-sen University Alumni Association (SYSUAA Inc)
★ SupChina
★ Taikang Insurance Group
★ Taiwan Presbyterian Church of Greater Boston
★ Tech with U
★ Tein Her Temple Flushing
★ The BayHelix Group
★ The Chinese Finance Association
★ The Global Federation of Chinese Business Women
★ Tianjin(Peiyang) University Alumni Association in North America
★ Tomorrow’s Elite International Education Center
★ Topseat International Inc
★ Trumbull Chinese American community
★ Tsinghua Alumni Association at Greater Boston
★ Tsinghua Alumni Association of Greater New York
★ United Chinese Americans (UCA)
★ United Chinese Americans Massachusetts (UCA MA)
★ United Chinese Association of Arizona
★ United Under Art
★ University of International Business and Economics USA Alumni Association
★ US China Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley
★ Wall Street Securities & Futures Club
★ Wechat Group-Upper West Side Chinese Moms
★ Wellesley Chinese American Network (WeCAN)
★ Wellesley Chinese Language School (WCLS)
★ WeShare
★ West Windsor-Plainsboro Education Support Association (WWPESA)
★ Western Connecticut Chinese Association
★ Weston Student Corps
★ Weston WeStar
★ Westwood Chinese Home
★ Wilmington Chinese American Culture Association
★ Windsor Athletic Club (WAC)
★ WizChinese
★ World Journal
★ Worldview Global Impact
★ WPI Real Estate
★ Wuhan University Alumni Association of Greater New York
★ Wuhan University Ohio Alumni Association (WUOAA)
★ Xiamen University Alumni Association of New York
★ XiaoFang HuangMei Arts Academy
★ Xiyangyang Band
★ Yale SOM Chinese Alumni
★ Yale University Visiting Scholar Group
★ Yin Education Foundation
★ Yonker Chinese Family
★ Youth Creates
★ Youth for Masks
★ Zhejiang University Alumni Association in Northern America
★ Zhejiang University Alumni Association of Arizona
★ Zhejiang University Alumni at CA State Capitol
★ Zhejiang University Education Foundation USA

Thank you to the following individuals for their generosity:

Jian Dai & Jia Zhai, Jun Tian, Yachen Tian, Beiping Tian & Family, Peggy and Steven Chu Family, Qian Yongqiang, Richard Yan, San Dong Zhu, Tianying Xu, Nan Yao and the Yao Family


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